Women's center of greater lansing

Logo Redesign & Brand Kit

WCGL logo.png

original logo

This is the Women's Center of Greater Lansing's original logo; its colors are close to what the board desired, but what was intended to be purple often translated as blue. I knew it was time for an updated, modern rebranding to accurately represent what the Women's Center of Greater lansing does - help women realize their potential in a fast-pace, changing world. 


first draft

This is the first logo that I, along with a fellow intern, presented to the board. The main piece of feedback we received was that the "women's center of greater lansing" text was not the focus of the logo, and there was concern that "wcgl" was not recognizable by clients, donors, and the community at large.

final product 

The final product turned into final productsWe decided to go with the left logo as the main logo - what we'll use as our Facebook (and other social media platforms) profile image, on flyers, and other spaces where we need to make our full name clear. The second (shortened) logo will be used on social media graphics where it is clear to the user that the post is affiliated with the Women's Center, and where space is minimal. The similarities in the logos will build brand awareness, and ensure that people recognize the Center by both the "Women's Center of Greater Lansing" and "WCGL". 

Screen Shot 2017-04-05 at 8.38.07 PM.png

color palette 

Given the guidelines that the organization colors must remain purple and green, we updated the indigo/blue color to a true purple, and added the lighter accent purple that will be helpful in the creation of marketing materials. The light purple presents a needed balance between the green and dark purple. 


The Hickory Jack font is bold and feminine - two characteristics that represent the Women's Center of Greater Lansing. Lustria is a classic font with a modern twist; it pairs well with Hickory Jack, is easy to use, and reads well on print. Open-sans works well on the web; it is also modern and simple, which neatly contrasts with the bold headers.